The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) was one of the first European foundations dedicated to the promotion of the study of the nervous system. Founded in 1983 upon the initiative of a group of prominent scientists, it has two main goals:

  • Offering a high-level forum aiming to facilitate meetings between the various leaders of emerging fields of neurosciences
  • Promoting information on the progress in neurosciences to a non-specialist audience interested in this field.

In this regard, the FENS has organised a dozen meetings on topics as varied as the development of the nervous system, the brain and biological rhythms, neurodegenerative diseases or even neuropharmacology. The conclusions of these works were discussed in the series of publications “Discussions in Neurosciences” intended for a non-specialist audience.

The scientific council of the FENS consists of the following scientists:

  • Julius Axelrod (Nobel Prize in Medicine)
  • Konrad Bloch (Nobel Prize in Medicine)
  • Liana Bolis
  • Flody Bloom
  • Carl Cori (Nobel Prize in Medicine)
  • William Feindel
  • Carleton Gjadusek (Nobel Prize in Medicine)
  • Pierre Magistretti
  • Daniel Tosteson
  • Torsten Wiesel (Nobel Prize in Medicine)