The Principality of Monaco owns a health hub that is envied by many, thanks to the quality of its teams and the level of its equipment in several specialties.

Among the various establishments of the Principality, the RAINIER III Clinical Gerontology Centre treats all seniors needs, notably brain diseases that so often concern the most fragile patients. The Principality also possess a Research Centre focused, among other subjects, on the field of biology and biomedical medicine with a particular focus on patients affected by neurodegenerative diseases, notably through the work of several associations located on its territory.

Monaco also has a significant international vocation in the area of health that drives it to establish research and care collaborations with French and foreign establishments but also to welcome any project or idea from anywhere in the world enthusiastically.

Thanks to the reputation of its health hub, its international relationships and the attractivity of the Principality, Monaco is a preferred location for the organisation of international conferences and conventions in the medical field.

All these medical conventions have a special place there, whether they are organised at the initiative of doctors practicing in Monaco or if the Principality is selected by the persons in charge of a national, European, or even global convention, which is very often the case.